All our Laravel themes at the power of 6.x


October 4th, 2019, posted in news
by admin


They say that what makes any relationship work is how you deal with incompatibility. So, we updated all our Laravel-powered dashboards we developed with Creative Tim to the latest Laravel 6.x version.


You can now easily install and use our dashboards with Laravel 6.x and enjoy all the goodies the latest release comes with, including an easier way to run subqueries in a single call and improved custom authorization responses.


Speaking of goodies, we also packed up everything nicely in a bundle, so you can enjoy our updated Laravel dashboards with a 70% discount. The bundle consists of:


  • over 1200 handcrafted components
  • 141 example pages
  • 100 customized plugins
  • + ready to use CRUDs for managing anything from users to items, categories and tags.


All Laravel 6.x compatible.