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Enjoying our blog posts? You can be part of the fun. If you work with similar technologies to ours and you’re good with words, write for us.

We love to collaborate with other devs.
On more than just code.

In software development, we often learn by doing - and we love to talk about it. Plus, we believe it’s even better to invite more developers, like you, to talk from their experience.

We’ve been doing custom software development since 2010. And because this field is collaborative in nature, we chose to also create a blog where we share our expertise, give tips and tricks, and help beginners get started.

Thus, we write about what we do: software development, project management, and UI/UX design. Tutorials, guides from our experience, lessons we learned, and anything we find useful.

Most of our articles are catered towards fellow software developers, both frontend and backend, mostly beginners, as well as UI/UX designers. We also cater articles to business owners looking for technical solutions, to help them navigate the world of software outsourcing.

The length of our articles usually ranges from 700-1000 words, depending on the complexity of the topic chosen.

We work with lots of different technologies, but there are some in particular that we write about more often. Here’s what you could write about:

  • Vue.js (useful tips&tricks for beginners, in particular)
  • PHP and Laravel
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML, CSS and/or Javascript
  • Tailwind

If you want to write about other technologies just drop us an email to see it is a good fit for our blog.

In terms of topics or themes, here are some general suggesstions based on what we usually write about:

  • Best practices
  • Tips and how-tos
  • Tools to use for specific tehnologies or frameworks
  • Tutorials for specific elements of a technology
  • Leading perspectives on industry trends

In terms of style, we usually use pretty simple English, semi formal (not corporate but also not too imature), without cliches, overused sayings and idioms. You can try out the Hemmingway App, which will help with readability.

We like to get to the point, without fluff, and only include useful information. We also like to make clever headlines:)

In terms of structure, our articles always have:

  • A catchy headline that suits the theme of the article and especially the first paragraphs
  • A meta title (if the main title you create is longer than 60 characters, make sure to prepare a shorter one as well)
  • A description (max. 160 characters)
  • A list of keywords

In terms of SEO, it’s useful to stick to a main keyword. Try to Google it before you get started to see what kind of posts rank highest - or if it’s a keyword people search for in the first place. Don’t overuse it in the article, however - it could become tiring to read.

If you’re using images, use royalty free or original ones. We suggest using Unsplash. If you want to use images from other places, always credit the source.

You can only submit original articles, written by you, that haven’t been previously published. Anything you include that comes from another source, you must credit (statistics, bits of documentation, and so on)

Regarding republishing: feel free to post the articles you write for us on your own blogs as well, linking back to us. You can also post a portion of it to your blog, and the next to ours. If you’re posting on places like dev.to, link to our blog in the canonical URL. We’d also be glad if you share it on your social media accounts.

But first, let’s see if we’re a match.

We value dedication, expertise and good writing skills. We`re looking for guest authors who are just like us. So here is some of our criteria for potential guest authors on our blog.

Write about what you know.

Have you been working with certain technologies for more than 2 years and could even write books about them? That’s the kind of knowledge level we’re looking for.


Have some tech writing experience

We prefer having guest authors who already have a tech blog - and who have been posting on it for at least a year. This will ensure higher quality content that is useful and readable.


Be able to take and use our feedback

The perfect tech article doesn’t exist, but we can work together to get close. We’ll give you feedback to shape your articles into what suits our blog best.


What’s in it for us?

Building an usful stack of tech articles

We’ve been writing about tech on our blog for many years now. And we would love to build on that with your ideas and experience.

Creating backlinks for our blog

The articles you write for us will link back to your blogs and/or websites. Which, in turn, helps us in building our blog’s search rankings.

Creating new partnerships

We’re always looking for new tech talent - and we’d love to hire new faces. Especially if you work with our technologies.

What’s in it for you?

Exposure and backlinks for your blog

Linking back to our blog and posts we’ve previously written will create backlinks for your own blog - which can improve your search rankings.

Building up your writing skills

The best way to improve your writing is through practice. And since we’ve been doing this for so long, we can help you polish your skills.

Potential longterm collab with us

By writing for us, you get the chance to collaborate with us on development projects as well. And who knows, it could turn into a longterm thing.

Check out what our guest authors have written for us so far

Take a look at what we’ve deemed as the right kind of articles for our blog. This can help you determine if we’re truly a good match. So go ahead and check out the work of our guest authors so far.

Sending emails in Laravel. A step-by-step tutorial

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Follow our step-by-step tutorial and learn how to send emails from a Laravel application. And easily integrate third-party services to manage subscribers and send emails on time.

How to Make a Simple Unit Converter in Vue

March 24th, 2022, by Matvey Nikonorov

In this article, you’ll be learning how to create an energy unit converter SPA(Single Page Application) in Vue.

Introduction to APIs. And 3 repositories to get you started.

March 10th, 2022, by Suraj Vishwakarma

A deep dive into what APIs are, what you should know about them, and some help to get you started.

Check out some of our own work, to use as inspiration

We’ve written lots of tech articles ourselves. And there’s a certain style and tone of voice that we like to use. So check out some of our highlights to get inspired.

Leveraging in-app personalization to improve user journeys in transportation services

July 3rd, 2024, by Adelina

It’s cool to see when technology reads your mind. In-app personalization can greatly improve user journeys in ride-sharing apps, but when is it too much?

How UX design can contribute to eco friendly transportation solutions

June 26th, 2024, by Miruna

Industries all over the world are changing to adopt eco-friendly practices at a time when environmental sustainability is at the top of public awareness.

Behind the Tech Interview Series. Felipe Lino

June 13th, 2024, by Adelina

There are people making waves everyday in the field of technology. Our "Behind the Tech'' series is where we explore the stories of these amazing people.

Sounds good? Submit a request to be a guest author on our blog.

Send an email to telling us a bit about yourself, what technologies you work with, what topic you’d like to write about, a link to your blog or previous articles you’ve written and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.