Worldwide talent for
worldwide software.

Our development teams span countries, time zones and industries
to deliver the best services and people worldwide.

Option A. Get skilled developers now.


Launch your MVP. Fast.

Hiring developers is hard, especially if you`re just starting out with your business. You need to find them, train them and manage the risk. Let our developers do what they do best for a safer, faster and more cost efficient way of building and launching your MVP.


Scale your dev team. Now.

Already have a development team, but could use another hand? Or two? Our developers have experience working across distributed teams, continents and industries. You manage the project and our skilled developers join your existing team full-time or part-time.

Option A+ Get a custom development
team with just the right roles.


Hand-picked team roles

A good MVP plan is not enough. You’ll need a constellation of people with experience working together. In short, a battle-tested team which can deliver, with just the right roles. From visionary project managers to nit-picking testers.


Ready to assemble

More than just a team, you get an ecosystem of tools, skills & know-how. You don`t need to pay for powerful computers or search months for the right people for each role. Start your development faster and scale at a fraction of the cost.

Create your custom development team. Add these roles for a carefree, full-package outsourcing experience.

Technical Lead

creates the system architecture

reviews code written by developers


do the actual coding and bug fixing

take care of deployment, code repositories and servers


writes testing scenarios for each user of the app

does the manual testing and runs automated tests

Project Manager

translates business needs into specs and user stories

makes sure deadlines are met and threats dealt with

Get CVs from the best people