This is what we believe in.

In our everyday working life, we follow our values. These have become ingrained in our behaviour and they help us deliver only the best to our clients and to ourselves.

Five core values and four work values.
That’s what guides us in difficult situations.

When we want to add new members to our team, we make sure they have these 5 CORE VALUES:

  1. they always require meaning in life and in work,
  2. force themselves to keep an open mind,
  3. are ready to help, regardless the need,
  4. and friendly, regardless the pain,
  5. and, most importantly, know to be fair - with themselves and others.

On these 5 core values, we strive to build another 4 WORK VALUES:

  1. here we are all professionals, proud of the things we can make,
  2. but humble enought to keep learning, being in sync with new tech,
  3. we are agile, never afraid of change - or to change,
  4. and sure we are fast, innovation can't wait.

Living and working by these 9 values, we - more often than not - come by the ULTIMATE VALUE:

  1. Happiness. For us, for our clients and - why not - the world.
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