Specialized knowledge always pays off.

You build better apps when you know and understand the specific challenges
of the market you are building for. Over the years, we were lucky enough
to get valuable insight into several competitive industries.

Compliance with industry standards


Each industry comes with its own standards, constraints and best practices. We help you build software products that are compliant, secure and meet these requirements.

In-depth industry knolwedge & insight


We translate specifications into feature-rich, industry-specific applications. Or come up with targeted, actionable improvements if your application is already built.

The right tech stack & UI/UX approach


We tailor the UI/UX design, the software architecture and tech stack to your specific industry needs. We solve complex challenges faced by industry stakeholders.



We help you build a seamless shopping experience for platforms of any scale and complexity, from classic online stores to intricate ecommerce ecosystems and payment gateways.

Over the years, we helped numerous ecommerce platforms design their stores, launch them and grow their business through continuous development and support.



Leverage the power of software to enhance every aspect of healthcare and wellness, from telemedicine and virtual patient assistance to personal health and fitness tracking.

We`ve built platforms that easily put you in touch with doctors, allow you to track your health, fitness and diet goals, monitor public health or educate employees on staying healthy.


Travel & Tourism

We help businesses design and build custom software solutions that allow travellers to experience the world, plan their trips and easily book everything they need.

We've added to our portfolio booking software integrations, presentation websites and great communities built around travel experiences.



We've been working in this industry for a while now, adding awesome projects to our portfolio and helping businesses tackle logistics & transportation challenges.

We've built complex fleet management ERPs, car parts admin panels, transport-related news platforms and even mobile apps drivers can connect to.


Media & Entertainment

We all like to let our hair down and just relax from time to time. But that doesn't mean we didn't work hard on these cool media & entertainment projects.

From music distribution platforms to film funding databases and augmented reality apps, we have experience in building applications for a variety of media sectors.


Our services

Learn more about how we can help you address and solve challenges specific to your industry and needs.


Product Discovery

Discuss the requirements for your industry-specific application and turn them into a feature-rich software product. Get a clearer sense of the look & feel of your app and the essential user flows. Learn more >


User Experience Design

Design an awesome UI and a seamless user experience, tailored to your industry. Whether you are looking to design a product from scratch or improve your existing look & feel, we have what it takes. Learn more >


Custom Development

We help you tackle the specific challenges of your industry and build custom software products that address both your users` needs and any industry compliance requirements and standards. Learn more >


Staff Augmentation

Already have an in-house development team? Scale your efforts with one or more of our expert developers. If not, we can help you build an entire team from scratch, PMs, UI/UX Designers and Testers included. Learn more >