Specialized knowledge always pays off.

You build better apps when you know and understand the specific challenges
of the market you are building for. Over the years, we were lucky enough
to get valuable insight into more than 10 industries.

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Health & Medical

We believe a healthy life is a happy life and that's why we took on so many projects in this industry. We've built platforms that easily put you in touch with doctors, as well as fitness and diet portals.

Financial & Ecommerce

If we had to choose a favorite industry, this would be it. We pride ourselves with complex payment gateways, stunning ecommerce sites and smooth user experiences.

Analytics & Reporting

You can`t improve what you don`t measure. From real estate marketing performance to drilling operations reporting, we take data very seriously and so do these apps.

Learning & Education

We love to build apps that improve people`s lives, nurture their curiosity and help them grow. Which is exactly what these learning & education apps are doing.


We've been working in the transportation industry for a while now, adding awesome projects to our portfolio. We've built complex ERPs, news platforms and even mobile apps.


We all like to let our hair down and just relax from time to time. But that doesn't mean we didn't work hard on these cool entertainment projects. From music distribution platforms to movies and augmented reality apps.

Social Networks

We're proud to have created awesome communities around our projects. Over the years, we connected people from fields such as corporate, arts, constructions and politics.

Human Resources

Over the years, we worked on quite some interesting HR projects. We've helped the human resources departments motivate the employees, test them before hiring them and even boast their accomplishments with awesome presentation sites.


Tourism is yet another industry we love working in. We've added to our portfolio booking engine integrations, presentation sites and great communities built around them.

Customer Service

From CRMs and browser-based call centres to worksheets for decision makers and even apps that greatly improve your workers' safety, we've given this industry one of our best projects.

Law & Consulting

We're very proud of the work we did for a few law companies. With custom timesheets, better invoicing tools and easier presentation apps, we helped them throw away the papers and work more efficiently.

Event Management

A large event is better managed and organised when you have at your disposal a complex, but easy to use online platform. We've helped companies with software for organizing hackathons, investor meetings and even weddings.