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About Us


UPDIVISION was started in 2010 by two friends in Bucharest, Romania. Now we have over 50 permanent employees and collaborators, plus a sales force in the United States, Australia, Belgium and Germany. To date, we delivered over 87 custom software products that serve more than 10 industries.


We work with entrepreneurs and corporations from all over the world – 12 countries on 4 continents and counting. We always develop long lasting partnerships with our clients to solve a diverse range of complex challenges. From launching a new web or mobile service to bringing business processes to the cloud or disrupting traditional industries. UPDIVISION is constantly at the forefront of technology, because innovation is our business.


What sets us apart from other software outsourcing companies is not only the fact that we deliver highly skilled, well managed and cost-efficient services. But also the commitment to understanding the marketing and business needs of our clients and never blindly executing tasks. Expect from us to act more as an adviser and partner in a constantly evolving digital landscape.



UPDIVISION mainly specialises in complex web and mobile software development for clients based all over the world. We offer Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development at a fixed fee and developers or entire development teams at a monthly flat fee or on an hourly basis. We work with early-stage start-ups who want to develop new apps, but also with established companies who want to build on their existing products or bring processes to the cloud.



UPDIVISION has its main headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, but we collaborate with clients from all over the world. We also have sales forces in the United States, Australia, Belgium and Germany.



UPDIVISION was founded in Romania, in 2010, by two friends: a copywriter (Andrei Iordache) and a software developer (Eugen Tudorache). The company started out as a digital advertising agency. From 2012, UPDIVISION started doing both digital advertising and custom software development. Eugen Tudorache was in charge of the custom software department, while Andrei Iordache led the digital advertising division. We created two different brands to differentiate between these two types of services: “UPDIVISION Create”, for our advertising services, and “UPDIVISION Code” for our custom web development services. We expanded even more internationally, having clients from multiple continents and industries.


In June 2012, UPDIVISION entered the SaaS market by releasing an original web app called “UpYourTime”. The app was created based on our need for a better way to track employees’ billable hours. It’s targeted towards freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses and it’s meant to help manage projects. It’s available on desktop, mobile and tablets. UpYourTime allows users to create timesheets, do custom reporting, Excel exports, time tasks, check in or out, and others. Employers can monitor reports and count billable hours.


In 2013, UPDIVISION released a 2nd SaaS product, “oDent”, a dental office management system. The app allows dental offices to manage their scheduled appointments, keep patient files, manage finances, notify patients or doctors when needed, and see which patients have remaining payments to make.


In late 2017, we announced a rebranding and that we would be focusing solely on software development. From that point on, our main service has been making complex custom development for start-ups and corporations. We worked on car fleet management systems, payment solutions, drone piloting software, social platforms and e-commerce platforms. UPDIVISION also heavily specialized in two frameworks for PHP and JavaScript: Laravel and Vue.js.


In January 2019, UPDIVISION announced a partnership with Creative Tim. Together, we released multiple admin themes, free and/or paid. UPDIVISION built the backend and Creative Tim the frontend. Some of the themes use Laravel, Vue.js and Nuxt with API-powered backends.



Our team is small enough to be ultra-flexible, and smart enough to solve big problems. Demanding project managers, guru web developers, hip mobile developers, visionary software architects, AI engineers, encyclopedic sysadmins, detail obsessed testers. All our people have two things in common: they are brilliant thinkers and makers and outstanding human beings.


This is our main dev stack:


icon For frontend web development: Nuxt.js, Vue.js, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4, HTML 5, CSS 3 and ECMAScript.

icon For backend web development: Laravel (PHP), CodeIgniter

icon For e-commerce platforms: Laravel (PHP), Magento, Shopware, PrestaShop.

icon For native mobile apps: Objective-C and Swift for iOS, and Java and Kotlin for Android.

icon For progressive web apps: Vue, React Native.

icon For cross-platform apps: Titanium, Appcelerator.

icon As development tools: Visual Studio Code, GIT, CI/CD Pipelines and Postman.

icon As database management systems: MySQL and PostgreSQL.



Andrei Iordache

Andrei Iordache started as an awarded copywriter and now is the CEO and co-founder of UPDIVISION. Together with his co-founder, Eugen Tudorache, built the company to what it is today – over 50 employees and collaborators, clients in 12 countries across 10 industries – from scratch. In the process, he learned how to hire, manage and promote the best people. How to develop excellent mobile and web software with distributed teams. And how to do business development and strategy. His background in creative advertising and marketing proved to be an advantage in an industry that typically puts the technical solution before the business and consumer needs.

As an entrepreneur, he is always looking for new growth opportunities and partnerships. And lately, he started giving more back to the community, mainly through educational programs.


Eugen Tudorache

Eugen Tudorache started to work for a major software company as he was studying for his bachelor in Computer Science. In 2010 he joined forces with Andrei Iordache, his high school friend, to start UPDIVISION by combining their web development and digital marketing skills. Currently, Eugen Tudorache is the company’s CTO and works on challenging software engineering projects.



Latest Press Releases

We`re officially a straight-A Laravel certified company

We fell in love with Laravel early on and we`ve been building all our big projects with Laravel ever since. So we decided to make it official. UPDIVISION is now one of the first 21 companies in the world to become a Laravel Certified Company.


Full release



UPDIVISION joins Tendelin’s IT talent pool

We’re glad to announce that we’re joining Tendelin’s network of quality-vetted IT consultancy companies from all around the world.

Full release



Clutch ranked UPDIVISION as one of the most reviewed software companies in Romania

Clutch, a leading US company that conducts research on the B2B market, ranked us as one of the most reviewed software companies in Romania.

Full release



Introducing UFOs. The undeniable proof that good UX is out here.

Based on thousands of hours of design meetings and feedback, we've organized what we`ve learned into a 3+1 UI/UX framework, called UFOs.

Full release


UPDIVISION now helps companies solve the tech recruitment puzzle

Finding and hiring new devs isn't easy. So here's how we can help companies navigate the complexities of tech recruitment.

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Clutch ranked UPDIVISION as one of the top B2B companies in Romania

Clutch, a leading US company that conducts research on the B2B market, ranked us among their top-performing B2B service providers in Romania.

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UPDIVISION has been featured in the Emerging Europe Partner Platform 2020

We're glad to announce that UPDIVISION is featured in the Emerging Europe Partner Platform, a directory of the best European service providers.

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UPDIVISION is now one of Arcadier’s Certified Experts

We’re excited to announce that Arcadier, the world’s leading SaaS marketplace provider, has certified us as an Arcadier Expert.

Full release


UPDIVISON joins Cart2Cart e-commerce professionals

We’re excited to announce that UPDIVISION is now a partner of Cart2Cart, an online shopping cart migration provider which makes full-scale data migration quick and easy.

Full release


UPDIVISION is now in DevQuarterly's Sales Partners Program

We’re glad to announce that we’ve partnered up with DevQuarterly, a developer market research firm for tech and business leaders.

Full release 


Our admin dashboards are now powered by Laravel 8

We upgraded all our admin dashboards to Laravel 8, so you can enjoy all the cool new features.

Full release


UPDIVISON did it again: We’re one of Clutch’s top B2B Romanian software companies in 2020

We are glad to announce that Clutch ranked UPDIVISION as one of the top 20 B2B software companies in Romania for 2020.

Full release


UPDIVISION is in the market for building awesome marketplaces with Arcadier

We`re excited to announce that UPDIVISION partnered with Arcadier, one of the world's leading online marketplace SaaS technology providers.

Full release


Our Products and Services


icon Web and Mobile Development. We make your app idea come to life or we build on your existing app to add extra features. You can either hire one or more developers to join your team, hire a full team with different roles (from project managers to designers and testers) or you can get continuous development.


icon User Experience Design. We turn your wireframes into user-friendly designs or we directly improve your app`s overall look & feel. Besides redesigning existing apps, we also create screens from scratch for new functionalities or new apps.


icon Product Discovery. We create clickable prototypes and user stories, so you can get a good sense of how your app will look like and what it will do.


icon Code Audit and Refactoring. We take a good look at your code and we improve it, so it’s easier to read, maintain and build upon.


Learn more about our web developmentdesign or recruitment services.



Laravel admin dashboards

In 2019, UPDIVISION partnered with Creative Tim and started developing a series of Laravel admin dashboards using Creative Tim`s UI kits and frontends. These are sold on Creative Tim’s website with prices ranging from $149 to $199, with free demo versions for each premium product. The dashboards come with live preview, documentation, example pages, plugins and customer support.


Open source contributions

In 2018, UPDIVISION created a Laravel starter package for custom ecommerce platforms, called eStarter. It includes a functional shop backend, an editable frontend, a Laravel installation and ecommerce-specific features, such as product category & subcategory creation, currency creation, product creation, order statuses, multiple image upload, product cloning, cart rules, and others.


Also in 2018, UPDIVISION released Vue2 Multi Uploader, a file uploader component that allows the upload of multiple image files. It uses Vue.js v2 and Axios and it allows users to set a minimum number of files to upload, it shows file names, sizes and the total size of files added.


In 2020, Andrei Iordache and Cristian Tabacitu, both partners in UPDIVISION, released “The Whole Fruit Manifesto” on GitHub. The manifesto brings a series of guidelines for better writing that developers can use. It applies to writing technical documentation, code comments, commits, pull requests, tasks, emails and more.

Backpack for Laravel

In 2016, one of UPDIVISION`s managing partners and senior software developers, Cristian Tabacitu, released Backpack for Laravel, a collection of admin panel packages. It uses Laravel, Bootstrap & jQuery, it comes with HTML building blocks, through which pages, dashboard or widgets can be built. Backpack can be added on top of existing Laravel installations or to new projects. Backpack is one of the most popular admin panels for Laravel with over 600,000 unique downloads, 15,000 monthly users and more than 200 code contributors.


Case Studies

IPSO Machinery Parts E-commerce

A robust e-commerce platform for one of the leading farming equipment distributors.

Find out more


WM Music Distribution - Frontend Remix

We gave this music distribution platform a remixed look to go with the cool records they're promoting.

Find out more


RCos Beauty Ecommerce

An ecommerce platform that helps beauty salons and estheticians get the best products for their customers.

Find out more


JustNow Stops Food Waste

An app that helps prevent unnecessary food waste. And gets you food at the lowest prices.

Find out more


Press Coverage

Business Inspiration: The story of a Romanian outsourcing company that was started off with $20



How to improve a company’s efficiency. Andrei Iordache, co-founder of UPDIVISION.



Andrei Iordache, UPDIVISION’s CEO: Stop dreaming and begin now! Everything else will come on the way, but don’t give up, no matter what.



Two 25-year old Romanians created an app that helps managers make their employees’ time more efficient 



Awards & recognition


In early 2019, UPDIVISION was named as one of the leading web and app development companies by Clutch, a business to business market research company from the USA. They were also listed as one of the best IT services companies by Visual Objects, and as one of the top 40 User Experience agencies in Romania by The Manifest, ranking at no. 16. In mid-2020, UPDIVISION was named as one of the top B2B companies in Romania by Clutch.


Brand Assets


UPDIVISION is always fully capitalized and its two halves (“up” and “division”) are never separated.



Not correct: Updivision, UpDivision, updivision, Up Division





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Contact Information


Romania, Bucharest

25 C.A. Rosetti Street

District 2


Australia, Perth

Unit 8, 193 Carr Place

Leederville, WA 6007


Belgium, Beveren

Mosselbank 93

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Germany, Bad Krozingen

Herbert-Hellmann-Allee 45a,




RO: +40 732 512 067


AU: +61 432 42 42 42


BE: +32 474 976267


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