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July 7th, 2021, posted in news, tech_stuff
by Saiona

Tech recruitment is tricky. We know. We`ve been fitting the puzzle pieces for over ten years now. As a software development company and as a tight-knit team we made a point in hiring team members ourselves. We found that`s the best way to keep our work environment awesome and our tech skills on point. 


That's not to say we didn't learn recruitment the hard way. But that's what puts us in a unique position today. We have both the industry insight and the recruitment know-how to help companies hire the best people for their own development projects. And, most importantly, we know what mistakes to avoid. Especially for such a specialized, yet highly-saturated field like tech recruitment.     


Why hiring technical people is a very different animal 

Hiring technical people is nothing like hiring for a regular office position. On the one hand, you are hiring people with a highly specialized set of skills. On the other hand, you are hiring people to work with other people. Keeping this delicate balance in check is the secret of tech recruitment. 


What's more, as a tech recruiter you are a specialist yourself. While general recruiters need to know just enough about a broad category of industries, tech recruiters often have specialized knowledge about specific segments of the tech industry (server administration, backend, frontend, ecommerce development etc.). That's a lot to ask from one person who isn't a developer or tech person themselves. Let's also not forget about keeping up with the tech trends and requirements, which do tend to change frequently in the industry. 


That's why, as a development company, we believe we can improve the tech recruitment process. We are specialists hiring specialists.  


Our step-by step recruitment process

We`ve developed our process throughout the years by hiring the best people for our own software projects. We like to think of our team as our tech recruitment portfolio. Below are the five steps we guide a company looking to recruit technical people through.



First, we agree on the basics: ideal candidate requirements, job description, recruitment strategy & channels. And also how we`ll keep in touch throughout the recruitment process.


CV screening

Once the resumes start coming in, we filter through them to find the best fit. We look for the perfect combo of technical and interpersonal skills.



Selected candidates receive an assignment testing the skills listed in the job description. Our devs review the code and write down their feedback.



This is the moment for candidates to shine and for us to reach a final decision. We interview for technical skills and cultural fit.



This is everyone's favourite part. We`ve found the right person, they accepted the offer and our clients can welcome them in their teams. And start working on awesome apps.


How much does it cost to find the top 1%

Excluding subscription costs for recruitment platforms or campaign budgets, all recruitment activities are paid per worked hour. In addition to a good candidate pipeline, we've developed throughout the years a solid workflow. Down to the hour.


Writing the ad and posting on job boards (one time, 3-5 hrs)

We write the ad based on the clients` requirements and then we publish it on recruiting platforms. The allocated time depends on the number of channels the ad is advertised on.


CV screening (1-2 hrs/day)

We go through each resume we receive and choose the best-suited candidates. The time we invest depends on the number of applications on each channel.


Initial discussion with candidates (1hr/candidate)

We contact the selected candidates to assess essential aspects such as expected salary and availability to take the test. We also send them all the collaboration related info.


Do-it-at-home technical test (1hr/candidate)

After the initial screening, we send the candidates a technical test and we also take time to answer any questions the candidates might have regarding the test or the process.


Grading the tests (2hrs/test)

Our senior engineers spend around two hours evaluating each test using a rigorous grading system.


Interview - technical & soft skills (1.5hrs/candidate)

Candidates who pass the test are invited to an interview, which takes around an hour and a half. The interview is held by the engineer who evaluated the test and the HR Manager. Technical skills, work ethic and cultural fit are all evaluated. 


Finding the right person for your team can be challenging enough. Add in a good amount of required technical expertise and things get even trickier. If you would like to solve the tech recruitment puzzle, but feel like you`re missing some important pieces, don`t hesitate to contact us.


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