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Frequently asked questions

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We tell computers how to help people. Meaning we build and deliver software which solves different problems for different companies. We do this across platforms (web, mobile, desktop), industries and sometimes across continents.

We also work with start-ups a lot. There's something about businesses in their early days which really tickles our fancy. Like seeing the impact you can have on the tech world and the world at large. That's life-changing stuff, right there.

We`ve been doing this since Internet Explorer was still a thing and the Internet was yet to be taken over by cats. To be specific, the year was 2010. Spring, 2010.

Our main headquarters are in Bucharest, Romania, but we also have sales offices in Australia, Belgium and the U.S.

Throughout the years, we've worked with start-ups and corporations from various industries, so we have experience in many markets. We like it this way, because there are things which click only when you are exposed to a variety of scenarios and specs. One of the ways we help clients is by bringing in know-how outside of their area of expertise. However, if we were to narrow it down, some of our biggest projects have been in the automotive industry, the beauty industry, finance and retail.

If you`re a start-up in the idea phase of your app or an established company looking to save money in operational costs or improve workflows through software, we can help. We work best in medium to large projects or projects which have a good chance of growing over time. We`re long-distance runners in the game of software development. If you want a quick and dirty presentation website, a freelance sprinter might be a better choice.