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Looking for some quick answers about our services, pricing or do you just want to know a thing or two about us? Here’s our FAQ..

Frequently asked questions

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We have three pricing models:

icon  Fixed price model. Works best for MVPs and projects which last no longer than 4 months. Anything longer makes it difficult for us to accurately estimate cost. For any fixed price project, we need to have a clear understanding of the minimum viable features, the technical requirements and the key deliverables.


icon  Pricing per hour. Best for development tasks, ongoing projects and maintenance. Whether you want to implement a new feature, need technical advice or want help with writing user stories, we log in the hours and you pay on an ongoing basis.


icon  Pay per month for one or more developers or an entire team with different roles.

Our hourly rates depend on: developer seniority level, technology stack, project duration, how fast you want it done, the stage of your project (needs fixes, needs building from scratch, maintenance).

First things first, let's make sure we're on the same page. If you want to hire us to build your MVP, tell us more about your business, how many (new) users do you expect to have, what should they be able to do with your app, how will your app look like? You can find more details on how to strike up a productive conversation about your app here.

If you’re not looking to build something from scratch, but need help with development tasks and ongoing projects, you can send us technical docs, user stories, design, anything that can help us get up to speed easier.

If you only want to hire one or more developers or an entire dev team, you should tell us if you want them full-time, seniority level, and what dev stack you require.