Software outsourcing.
From Romania with love.

Here, at UPDIVISION, we offer the full development package.
Just consider us your work from home team.

Core development services.
The essentials for building advanced mobile and web apps.


Business analysis

We start by having a chat with you. You tell us more about your business, your target audience and what you need to achieve. Suddenly, everything clicks together and we are able to offer a customized software solution that addresses real challenges.


User Experience Design

After we settle on the general specs of the software, we move on to a more visual phase. Following a scientific and data-driven approach, as well as testing all possible user cases, we work on detailed wireframes. These are the basis for the final specs and graphic design.



Based on the final specifications, wireframes and design, our team of engineers writes the lines of code that bring the front-end and the back-end together. The entire approach follows the agile methodology. So we’re always ready to implement feedback quickly.

Supporting development services.
Add these for a carefree, full package, outsourcing experience.

Graphic Design

Based on the user experience design and aesthetic considerations, our graphic designers kick in. Combining technology and art, they make sure the face of your app is truly beautiful.

Quality Assurance

We do this during the whole development process. We run manual and automated tests to make sure everything flows smoothly, bug-free.

Project Management

If you’d rather step aside and let us do the management for you, we’ll be glad to help. From the beginning of the project and all the way to the launch, we plan every step and make sure it is executed accordingly.

Continuous Development

After the app is developed and launched, we’re always here to offer support. And in case you have new ideas, we’ll gladly develop them into new features.

We have a proven process for building and maintaining complex mobile and web apps.



Identify project scope

To better understand the project, we’ll have a discussion with you. Most of these discussions are done via Skype but if you prefer paying us a visit, we won’t mind.

Create basic specifications

Based on the initial discussion, we put together an estimate. In a technical manner, we break down every feature of your app and put a number of hours to it.

Offer estimates

We then offer you a clear estimate of time and cost. Also, depending on your project, we decide on an Agile or a Waterfall approach. For complex projects, we go for Agile.



Identify use case scenarios

We then go through all the possible cases in which a user would interact with your app. This way, we make sure that any occurring challenge will be easily overcome.

Create user and app flows

After we’ve gone through these use case scenarios, we work on some diagrams so you’ll have a visual representation of how your app will work.

Draw wireframes

Through a scientific and data-driven approach, we work on the wireframes. These are simple sketches of your app, showcasing all the features and design basics.

Finalize architecture and specs

To bring together all the software elements and avoid later costly changes, we finish the architecture. We also write the software documentation.

Offer final quote and project timeline

We now offer you the final quote. This includes the final cost and a timeline. It’s up to you now to either notify us about any changes or accept the quote as it is.



Configure the management tool

The task management tool keeps us organized and you up-to-date. The setup is done by a project manager and, depending on the project, we use either Jira, Asana or Trello.

Assign tasks to the project team

After we’ve setup the task management tool, we split the larger tasks into smaller ones and assign them to each member of the team.

Setup the development environment

Next is the development environment. We configure the main development server, where the dev tests the code, the staging server and the production server.



Do graphic design

Using the wireframes and your indications, the designers kick in. They work on every pixel, combining technology and art to turn the sketches into something beautiful.

Code the front-end

Next up, we work on the front-end. Our programmers fight with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make sure your site looks perfect and adapts to any technology change.

Code the back-end

We also build the back-end (a combination of a database and a software written in a server-side language). This adds functionality to the front-end.

Do quality assurance

We run automated and manual tests to verify that everything works smoothly. We want to make sure your app meets the quality standards we promise our clients.

Deploy on live servers

This is the exciting moment we’ve all been waiting for. After months of management, development and testing, your app is ready to go live!

Do continuous development

After your app is launched, we’re always here to offer support and develop new features.