Story in development.

We are a software development company that loves growth. We help our clients grow by solving product challenges. And keep ourselves growing by hiring the best people and learning all the time.

We are your partner in technology.


UPDIVISION was started in 2010 by two friends in Bucharest, Romania. Now we have over 50 permanent employees and collaborators, plus sales force in the United States, Australia, Belgium and Germany. To date, we designed and built over 200 custom software products that serve more than 10 industries.

We work with entrepreneurs and corporations from all over the world – 20 countries on 5 continents and counting. We always develop long lasting partnerships with our clients to solve a diverse range of complex challenges. From product strategy and UX to the actual code design and architecture, we have a battle-tested process for building, launching and growing software products. The design-driven way. Besides helping companies build winning products, we`ve also built a couple of our own, together with our sister companies, Creative Tim and Backpack for Laravel. 

What sets us apart from other software development companies is not only the fact that we deliver highly skilled, well managed and cost-efficient services. But also the commitment to fully understand your product and use design thinking to get you where you want to be on your growth journey. Expect from us to act as an adviser and partner on your product building adventure, from MVP to unicorn to enterprise SaaS.

If you want to know us better, nothing beats a conversation.

Our software development journey

These are the main chapters in our ongoing software development journey.

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The beginning

UPDIVISION was founded as un unlikely, but successful aliance between a copywriter & a developer.




Our digital agency years

For the first few years, we focused on helping brands stand out. This ranged from online campaigns and creative strategy to presentation websites and software.

Our first big clients were from the hospitality industry in Thailand and Israel. These first projects included a sustainable tourism portal and a booking system for hotels.

The big split

It was time to make it official. We created two separate brands to reflect the two types of services we offered:

  • creative services
  • software development





Our first SaaS product

We created UpYourTime based on our need to easily track billable hours and generate reports.

What started as an internal tool, soon became a way to help freelancers and entrepreneurs manage their time and projects.


Challenge accepted

As we began working with clients from a variety industries, our portfolio grew and so did the challenges.

During this period, we built software for over 50 clients in industries such as ecommerce, publishing, health services, law and more.




Second SaaS product

We launched our second software product, a dental office management system. oDent has just the features a dentist needs to manage their practice, from bookings to payments.


Power up

We partnered with an American AI and mobile development company and began focusing on larger, more complex development projects.

Some of these include a huge fleet management ERP, a complex online payment solution built from scratch and an augmented reality app.




Backpack for Laravel

One of our managing partners and senior devs, Cristian Tabacitu, released Backpack for Laravel.

Backpack is one of the most popular admin panel builders for Laravel with over 1 million unique downloads.


A change of heart

In 2017 we decided to focus exclusively on complex software projects and closed our creative services division.

We rebranded ourselves into what UPDIVISION is today: a technical partner for businesses looking to build complex, custom software.




Tech leadership

During this time we worked on projects which helped solidify our tech leadership team.

We built software for industries such as law & accounting, hospitality, e-learning and even a few social platforms.

Creative Tim partnership

Together with Creative Tim, one of the most popular UI Kits and dashboard template vendors, we released more than 30 free and premium Laravel products with awesome design.





Story in development

In the last few years, we continued growing. We closed some new partnerships, became a remote-first company and expanded our team internationally.

We consolidated our UX team and started taking on more design projects. We also expanded our range of services. They now include tech recruitment for companies looking to hire the best developers on the market.