Story in development.

We are a software development company that loves growth. We help our clients grow by providing smart digital solutions. And keep ourselves growing by hiring the best people and learning all the time..

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We are your partner in technology.

UPDIVISION was started in 2010 by two friends in Bucharest, Romania. Now we have over 50 permanent employees and collaborators, plus sales force in United States, Australia and South Africa. To date, we delivered over 87 custom software products that serve more than 10 industries.

We work with entrepreneurs and corporations from all over the world – 12 countries on 4 continents and counting. We always develop long lasting partnerships with our clients to solve a diverse range of complex challenges. From launching a new web or mobile service to bringing business processes to the cloud or disrupting traditional industries. UPDIVISION is constantly at the forefront of technology, because innovation is our business.

What sets us apart from other software outsourcing companies is not only the fact that we deliver highly skilled, well managed and cost-efficient services. But also the commitment to understanding the marketing and business needs of our clients and never blindly execute tasks. Expect from us to act more as an adviser and partner in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

Our team is small enough to be ultra-flexible, and smart enough to solve big problems. Demanding project managers, guru web developers, hip mobile developers, visionary software architects, AI engineers, encyclopedic sysadmins, detail obsessed testers. All our people have two things in common: they are brilliant thinkers and makers and outstanding human beings.

If you want to know us better, nothing beats a conversation.