Yes, we do our own SaaS.

Between out-sourcing and open-sourcing, we got to work on our own digital products. They were initially created to ease the work we and our partners did. But in time, they grew to be full-fledged SaaS.

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UpYourTime is a custom time management tool for hourlies, freelancers and creative agencies. The tool we developed includes timesheets, custom reporting, Excel exports, task timers, check in/check out and more

The users can register hours and projects on the go, before getting back to work. And for the ones who count everyone’s hours, they’ve got all the reports they need with no trouble at all.



oDent is a dental office management system. We worked on it side by side with dentists for dentists. That’s why it has just the features they need to manage their practice. On top of that, it’s accessible from anywhere, safe and easy to use.

They plan their examinations faster, knowing from the beginning of their day who they’re going to see. Additionally, they have access to a detailed payment record to find out exactly what patients have debts.