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     Web and Mobile Development. We make your app idea come to life or we build on your existing app to add extra features. You can either hire one or more developers to join your team, hire a full team with different roles (from project managers to designers and testers) or you can get continuous development.


      User Experience Design. We turn your wireframes into user-friendly designs or we directly improve your app`s overall look & feel. Besides redesigning existing apps, we also create screens from scratch for new functionalities or new apps.


      Product Discovery. We create clickable prototypes and user stories, so you can get a good sense of how your app will look like and what it will do.


      Code Audit and Refactoring. We take a good look at your code and we improve it, so it’s easier to read, maintain and build upon.

We have been doing it for more than 10 years now. So we had ample time to put in place solid workflows and good communication habits. Besides the regular Agile meetings and dailies (we use the SCRUM methodology), the Zoom calls, Slack channels and Meet conferences, we rely on constant feedback and transparency. We use task management tools like ClickUp and Jira. Plus, timesheets to track what has been done and the hours logged in for each project. Therefore, clients can see exactly the stage in which the project is and any potential threats which need to be tackled.

icon  For frontend web development: Nuxt.js, Vue.js, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4, HTML 5, CSS 3 and ECMAScript.

icon  For backend web development: Laravel (PHP), CodeIgniter

icon  For e-commerce platforms: Laravel (PHP), Magento, Shopware, PrestaShop.

icon  For native mobile apps: Objective-C and Swift for iOS, and Java and Kotlin for Android.

icon  For progressive web apps: Vue, React Native.

icon  For cross-platform apps: Titanium, Appcelerator.

icon  As development tools: Visual Studio Code, GIT, CI/CD Pipelines and Postman.

icon  As database management systems: MySQL and PostgreSQL.