Our admin dashboards are now powered by Laravel 8


September 29th, 2020, posted in news
by admin

It’s finally here: we`ve upgraded all our admin dashboards developed with Creative Tim to Laravel 8. You can now try out the many new features the latest release comes with, including rate-limiting improvements, time testing helpers, dynamic blade components, and more.


Download and install our dashboards and you’ll be able to use the new Laravel Jetstream, which improves upon the existing Laravel UI scaffolding. You can also try the new models directory, the model factory classes, migration squashing, and other cool new things. All at a few clicks’ distance.

Speaking of latest releases, we constantly build new, awesome stuff. Be sure to check our latest fullstack resource, Vue Material Dashboard Laravel. It comes with a Vue Material frontend and an API-powered Laravel backend. And the best part? It's free to use for personal and commercial projects.