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Need a flexible, customizable solution for your business? From complex fleet management ERPs to car parts inventory management systems, we deliver top-notch logistics & transportation solutions for businesses worldwide.

Inventory management

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Inventory Management Systems (IMS) are indispensable in handling stock-related operations, in addition to the actual shipping. We help you build smart solutions that can strengthen your supply chain.

Transport monitoring software


Tracking & monitoring

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Add transparency to day-to-day transportation operations. By carefully tracking and monitoring resources, companies can prevent unnecessary spending or inefficient use. Cutting down transportation costs begins with good resource management.



Transport planning


Fleet management solutions

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Having insight into how transportation resources are allocated and working is crucial. We help you build powerful solutions that monitor, track and manage car or truck fleets. Aggregate fleet data, increase transparency & reduce operating costs.

Shipping & logistics


Road hauliers


Want to discuss opportunities for improving logistics & transportation through custom software development?

Our Transportation success stories

We help logistics & transportation players overcome technical challenges and leverage custom software tools to their advantage. Check out some of our success stories.

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Our services

Learn more about how we can help you build resilient software solutions that tackle industry challenges.


Product Discovery

Discuss the requirements for your logistics and transportation software solution with us. During product discovery, we map out the core features or the main optimization suggestions, if it`s an existing application. Learn more >


Custom Development

We cater to all types of industry stakeholders through our custom development services. From fleet management and transportation management to supply chain operations, we have what it takes. Learn more >


User Experience Design

We help you design software products that are intuitive to use, despite managing complex resources. Streamline your entire logistics & transportation workflows through powerful UI/UX. Learn more >


Staff Augmentation

Already have an in-house development team? Scale your efforts with one or more of our expert developers. If not, we can help you build an entire team from scratch, PMs, UI/UX Designers and Testers included. Learn more >