SALT ID for secure authentication

A super-secure 2FA authentication system for a ship design company.

Project story

Keeping data safe is crucial. Especially if you are a ship design company working with blueprints, technical requirements and industry-leading clients worldwide. Salt Ship Design hired us to design and build a secure way for users to access the application and for admins to manage the existing accounts and keep track of account activity, including third-party applications. 

Users have the option to configure Two-Step Authentication (2FA) for their account through SMS, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. For added security, if one of the methods isn`t set, it automatically falls back to 2FA through email. Salt ID also allows you to view and track active sessions (device, OS, IP address) so it's really easy to know who logged in and from where. Users can also grant or revoke access tokens to third-party applications. In addition, admins can impersonate users, see logs for each individual account and manage their user settings.

Technologies and architecture

Laravel, Vue3, Nuxt3, Tailwind, Passport

Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX design, project planning and management, frontend development, backend development, testing, deployment