Moova: Uber for Big Boxes

An app matching pick-up truck drivers with people in need of moving large items. Like Uber, but for oversized deliveries.

Project story

Moova aims to be an on-demand delivery platform in South Africa. Moving into a new home or just bought a large item that you want delivered? Moova has you thumbnailed. We are building the app that makes it happen. It’s user-friendly and works on both iOS and Android.

The Moova app works a bit like Uber. It matches available pick-up truck drivers with people in need of a big delivery. As a user, it helps you select the size of the car and the distance you want thumbnailed. You then get matched to an available driver in your area. You can track the transport and review it after your goods get where you want them.

Technologies and architecture

We built this app using a Python REST API we made for the back-end and VueJS, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end.

Main activities and responsibilities

app design, programming (front-end, back-end), testing, deployment.