Bring your own frontend and start coding with Headless CMS Laravel JSON:API PRO


January 14th, 2021, posted in news, tech_stuff
by Adelina

“Bring your own device” is so last year. How about you bring your own frontend and we provide the API infrastructure for your next CMS? Plug in your Vue, Angular or React frontend and kickstart your project in half the time. And the best part about it? You can do it for all devices, be it web, mobile or desktop.


Headless CMS Laravel JSON:API PRO follows the JSON:API standard for building APIs in JSON. This means a standardized format for server requests and responses, less frontend-backend conflicts and a smaller server load due to a smaller number of server calls. With Headless CMS Laravel JSON:API PRO you get the high-level infrastructure you need to start building distributed, scalable apps. 


Get all the functionalities you need for a CMS out of the box. Whether you`re building a corporate blog, a news portal or a lightweight e-commerce, Headless CMS Laravel JSON:API PRO helps your clients manage any structured content. And, because you already have the API architecture, everything is a lot easier to customize and extend.      


Here is what Headless CMS Laravel JSON:API PRO has to offer:

  • Authentication API: login, logout, register, send reset password email & reset password
  • Profile API: get profile, update profile
  • Users API: list, create, update and delete users, upload profile image
  • Roles API: list, create, edit and remove roles
  • Permissions API: list available permissions
  • Tags API: list, create, update and delete tags
  • Categories API: list, create, update and delete categories
  • Items API: list, create, update, delete items & upload item image


We deliver the most easy to use API-first infrastructure, so you can write less code and build apps faster. Get started with Headless CMS for Laravel PRO here.

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