How to build a successful software product. Interview with UPDIVISION`s CEO and co-founder


June 27th, 2022, posted in for_founders, news
by admin

At UPDIVISION, we`ve been building complex web and mobile software for over 12 years. Drawing on this experience, our CEO and co-founder, Andrei Iordache, talked in a recent interview with Amplifyre about working with founders and stakeholders to build software products that really deliver. 


Check out the interview for:

✔️ Advice for non-technical founders with limited resources who are looking to build an MVP.

✔️ The three key components for building a successful MVP or software product: don`t do too much in one go, don`t   underestimate project planning and UI/UX design and don`t interrupt development between iterations.

✔️ Advice for established businesses who want to move on from the MVP look & feel, but can't risk the downtime.   

✔️ The upsides and downsides of outsourcing software development and how to choose the right outsourcing team.

✔️ How to transition development and know-how in-house if you`re planning a switch.



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