Instant planning for web projects with the Backpack Figma Template


November 1st, 2021, posted in tech_stuff
by Adelina

Complex dev terms always come up when we communicate with clients. And we spend extra time explaining how everything works. The solution? We decided to build our own tech dictionary, where anyone can find witty, detailed definitions for all sorts of IT terms. We named it “Get IT Dictionary”.


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Navigating projects where we’re the client

Compared to most of the projects we do, this was 100% our own. Which meant we could do project management following the best practices - not that we don’t do it with our customers. 


The biggest help in this project was Backpack Figma Template. A project that normally would’ve taken a few months, took just a few weeks: planning took way less time, as user stories were simple to write, and the developers didn’t need design help during development.


A complex project requires a well-knit team. Since it was an original project, we wanted to have an original design. We’d be coding both the frontend and backend, which meant we needed at least 2 developers. That’s why, we created a cross-functional team consisting of 1 Project Manager, 1 Designer, 1 Tech Lead, 2 Developers and 1 Tester. For a total of 6 awesome colleagues.


Once the design was done, the PM took the screens one by one and, with the Tech Lead’s help, determined what kind of tasks the devs will be in charge of. Everything was sorted into a Clickup board.


We chose to work with Backpack for Laravel, which helped reduce the development time. Backpack provides packages, pre-existing elements, CRUD’s, routing - everything our devs could ask for a quick start. This way, we managed to do everything in only one sprint and then we dedicated another sprint for small adjustments, bug fixing, changes and improvements. The awesome thing about Backpack is that projects that would take three months can be finished in just one.


Keeping our devs in a row

Just like our other projects, we followed the Agile methodology. Thus, the project manager kept everything (and everyone) organized and made sure the Dictionary team kept in touch. We held:

  • Sprint planning sessions to estimate tasks - if you want to know more about how we do planning poker, check out this article.
  • Daily meetings to decide who will be doing what - and to determine how the project is going.


Most importantly, Backpack for Laravel, and its Figma Template, saved us a lot of time. You might think they only help designs and developers - but they save time for the entire team. We moved faster since the design was done in record time. And having all the screens we needed, from the get go, helped the planning stage. Whether you need to build a simple or a complex admin panel, Backpack can help you do it in record time. 

If you’d like to know what else we can do and maybe work together, contact us.

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