Introducing the ultimate fullstack tool for building apps - Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel


January 8th, 2021, posted in news, tech_stuff
by admin

We've partnered with Creative Tim to build the Swiss Army knife of app development. Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel comes with an API-powered Laravel backend, a Vue frontend and one of the most popular dark themes on the web.


Enjoy two of the most popular frameworks today, Vue.js and Laravel, packed with a sleek design and all the frontend components you might need.


Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel is a premium resource that saves you countless hours of coding and gives you the perfect toolbox to get started on a lightweight CMS. Be it UI elements, plugins, example pages and CRUDs. And most of all, it follows the popular dark mode trend. 


So here’s what you’re getting:

  • Hundreds of stylish UI components and a trendy dark theme
  • Dozens of example pages to get you started.
  • Custom Vue.js plug-ins
  • Modules for all JSON:API resources through a modular Vuex store
  • A ready-to-go Laravel API backend
  • CRUDs that allow you to set up and manage users, user types, categories, tags and items. Plus, role-based authentication.
  • Full documentation


Want to kickstart your next project? Head here to see what the premium version has to offer or try out the free version with limited features.