Kick start 2021 like a PRO with Vue Material Dashboard Laravel


January 5th, 2021, posted in news, tech_stuff
by admin

If you`re like us, you probably take New Year's resolutions pretty seriously. Especially if they involve getting more done in the new coming year. That's why we teamed up with Creative Tim to bring you a Vue.js version of the best-selling Material Dashboard, all powered up by a Laravel API backend. 


Save tons of blood, sweat and lines of code with this premium package for building complex, modular apps. Because everything goes through an API, you can keep frontend-backend conflicts to a minimum and reuse the backend.   


So, what are you getting? Vue Material Dashboard PRO Laravel comes with: 

  • A sleek, modern design inspired by the well known Google Material Design 
  • Hundreds of UI elements and Vue.js plug-ins
  • Dozens of example pages to get you started
  • Modular Vuex store with modules for each JSON:API resource
  • A JSON:API Laravel backend for the full stack experience 
  • Ability to log in as different user types with their own roles 
  • Ready to use CRUDs for creating and managing users, roles, tags, categories and items. Basically, everything you need in a CMS, right out of the box.


Sound good? Check out the premium version or test-drive the free version here to get a taste of what it can do.