Meet the best fullstack resource for your next project - Vue Now UI Dashboard PRO Laravel


January 12th, 2021, posted in news, tech_stuff
by Adelina

Imagine building an API-powered CMS would be as easy as plug & play. Now it is. We’ve teamed up with Creative Tim to bring you the quickest way to get your project off the ground. Vue Now UI Dashboard PRO Laravel combines Vue.js components and plugins with an awesome design and an API-powered Laravel backend. 


You can now speed up your work and code your lightweight CMS much faster. And most of all, you can enjoy the look & feel inspired by NOW UI Kit, a beautiful cross-platform UI kit developed by Creative Tim with InVision, the design platform powering the world's best user experiences. Everything with a sprinkle of Vue.js plugins, example pages and a backend using one of the most popular PHP frameworks today, Laravel.


So what am I getting? Vue Now UI Dashboard PRO Laravel includes:

  • Hundreds of UI elements to take away your design worries
  • Several example pages to help you get started
  • Custom Vue.js plug-ins
  • Modular Vuex store with modules for each JSON:API resource
  • A Laravel API-powered backend
  • Fully set-up CRUDs to give you the ability to create and manage users & user types, categories, tags, items and most of all, role authentication.

Want to kickstart your next project? Head here to see what the premium version has to offer or try out the free version with limited features.

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