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November 20th, 2020, posted in our_people
by Iulia

We, at UPDIVISION, like to brag about our colleagues. And, besides all the great work they put in every day, they have some funny personal facts to share. 

It all began with a quiz aimed to make us know each other better (we have a few new additions to the team). I chose the topic “something interesting that your colleagues don’t know about you”. And the results are in. 


Did you know that….

  • One of our developers is afraid of hens? As a child, he was bitten by one. Some other unfriendly encounters happened with turkeys as well.
  • One of our junior developers won a rather out of the ordinary contest? The contest focused on a Romanian religious ceremony, usually performed by monks, called “a bate toaca”, where you rhythmically beat a piece of wood to mark prayer time.
  • One of our salespersons started out with watermelons? Being raised in the countryside, he used to help his grandfather sell watermelons from a carriage pulled by a donkey. You could say he is a natural born salesperson. smiley
  • One of our copywriters is a talented vlogger? She has been doing vlogs since 2016 and she’s starting to get a following.
  • Our HR Project Manager interviewed one of Romania’s best known actresses - Maia Morgenstern? As a freshman in the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies she had to interview an emblematic actor/actress for a mock magazine. 
  • Our UI/UX Designer used to write and draw with her left hand? It is said that lefties are more creative. During the years, she stopped writing with her left hand, but her creativity is still in place. And growing.
  • One of our Project Managers had played chess EVERYDAY for five years? That happened when he was in primary school. 
  • One of our developers dreamt of being an architect? She wanted to build her own house, but she ended up building apps. Not too bad.
  • One of our junior developers wanted to go for the Police Academy instead of Polytechnic University? Her justiciary spirit helps her in catching all those nasty bugs, though.
  • One of our developers used to have long beautiful hair? He still considers himself a “metalhead”, but with shorter hair. As an old Romanian song says: It doesn’t matter how long my hair is, it matters what and how I think. 
  • One of our colleagues is so afraid of getting old that he started to go to beauty salons? He is just in his 30s, but all those wrinkles… Hope the anti-aging creams will do the trick.


I hope you had fun, we know we did. And we are having fun building exciting software each day.


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