New face, more focus on changing the world. One app at the time.


September 19th, 2017, posted in news
by Andrei

Almost eight years ago, I’ve started UPDIVISION from nothing with a good friend of mine. And we are still going at it with the same hopeful enthusiasm. 


But something changed. We are not alone anymore. We have a brilliant team of more than 50 permanent employees and collaborators. And the support of a growing community of developers around our open source products.


We have now the experience of successfully delivering many complex software projects. And working with distributed teams on five continents. The knowledge and skills we managed to accumulate are truly amazing.


So we’ve decided to clearly announce to the world what we have known for some time: UPDIVISION is making software that is advancing the world. And we want to stay focused on that.


That’s why we are closing our digital marketing division, geting a new brand identity and launching a new website.


But this is not only about a renewed focus and image. We also want to do more. 


We want to do more for our clients. That’s why we are learning and experimenting further with technology and adding more great engineers to our team. 


We want to do more for the developers’ community. That’s why we will publish more open source software, answer questions and write technical articles.


We want to do more for entrepreneurs in general. That’s why we will communicate more about what it means to build a great team and a sustainable business.


So watch this space. UPDIVISION has just begun to speak.

And we have a lot to say.

About the author


It’s complicated. I started as an awarded copywriter and today I am the CEO of a software outsourcing company. I’ve built UPDIVISION to what it is today from scratch. Learning in the process how to hire, manage and promote the best people. How to develop excellent mobile and web software with distributed teams. And how to do business development and strategy. I hope to share some useful growth stories with you.

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