On changes and growth: The history of UPDIVISION’s logo


November 19th, 2020, posted in for_founders
by admin

UPDIVISION has come a long way since its humble digital agency beginnings in 2010. And the more mature and professional we got, the more grown-up our logos became. From playful and unassuming to a bit more abstract, but overall wholesome. So here is a run down of our logos throughout our almost 11 years journey of self-discovery.


Phase zero: finding the perfect name


Picture this: it’s early 2010, there’s a Tik Tok trending, but it’s a song and not an app. People are still using phones with buttons on them. Two friends want to start their own business and bring cool web services to startups and established companies. However, they didn't have a name yet. 


One thing they knew for sure: they wanted something upbeat and unique. They wanted clients to see their company as a close-knit team, but also as a partner ready to help them out. And most of all, they wanted a name that sounded cool and wasn’t used by anyone else online. 


This is how the name “UPDIVISION” came to light and our first logo soon followed. 


The first steps, the first logos.





We had our name, but not the logo. So we thought about what we wanted to achieve: we wanted to keep growing, to always aim higher and help our customers also grow. Therefore, our first logo should feature a kite. 


A couple of months later, the logo changed and the kite was replaced by a more sturdy symbol, the Zeppelin. If you’ve ever heard about the Hindenburg disaster, you’re probably now shaking your head in disbelief. We do too, looking back.


A case of split identity. Logos and lines of business.





After UPDIVISION started doing both digital marketing and complex web development, the logo had to keep up. Or should we say logos. Since UPDIVISION now offered two types of services, two new logos were created, one for each division. The first one was the only UPDIVISION logo ever to be fully red: the UPDIVISION Create logo. It was designed for our digital marketing services. To symbolize our ability to UP clients’ digital marketing strategies, we added a rocket on the top right of the logo. The UPDIVISION Code logo was less loud, going with a deep blue instead. The UFO on the top right corner represented every tech nerd`s dream.


For when there can be only one.





Introducing: UPDIVISION dark mode. In all seriousness, during our Create/Code era, we soon discovered that having two logos for the same one company was tricky, especially with contracts, legal documents and all that jazz. As much as we liked our double personality, in more business-y settings, we needed something more put together. So we straightened the letters, made them all black, and added “Create+Code” on the bottom right so you’d know it’s still us.


Getting seriously crazy about software development.





In early 2017, we realized our split services didn’t represent us anymore. We loved building complex software, more than anything else. So we decided to pursue that and only that. Thus, we needed rebranding, and of course a new logo to show off our new identity. 


We decided that the best way to find our great new log is to hold a world wide contest. It was a slow ride, but exciting. The moment we got a logo containing brackets, a well known coding element, we knew we had our winner. We tweaked it a bit and turned it into what you see today. And we’ll probably keep this one for a while.



Overall, it looks like UPDIVISION’s logos matured over the years, just like we did. The bigger we grew, the more mature and simple our logo got. Stick around to see how much more we can grow. 


Or contact us if you’re really just looking for software development services and you read this article to get to know us better:)