The Whole Fruit Manifesto. The one thing you are missing to skyrocket your developer career


December 14th, 2020, posted in tech_stuff
by admin

They say developers are bad communicators. We say the opposite can be true. And there's a way to make a coder communicate better in writing: introducing The Whole Fruit Manifesto, a pledge and a guideline for better, efficient communication in software development. After all, aside from the code itself, developers write quite a lot of things: documentation, pull requests, code comments, emails, you name it. And we’re here to help them do that better.


Hm, ok. What is this and how can I use it?



Andrei Iordache and Cristian Tabacitu, two managing partners at UPDIVISION, have come up with a framework called ONE = MOR. It’s a framework that guides developers to communicate better with other developers and the world around them.


Sounds intriguing? Go here to learn more, get goodies and find out how to spread the good word. You’ll thank us.