TopDevelopers ranks UPDIVISION among the top cross-platform app development companies

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May 9th, 2022, posted in news
by admin

Cross-platform apps have been gaining more and more traction. And it`s no wonder since they allow you to build for multiple platforms, while writing and maintaining only one codebase. It`s kind of like having your cake and eating it too...

Hybrid development is now more adaptable and powerful than ever before, and we`re happy to be part of it. TopDevelopers, a leading directory of software service providers, ranked UPDIVISION among the fastest growing cross-platform app development companies in 2022.



The shortlist was compiled based on research conducted by TopDevelopers analysts and it focuses on companies "known for delivering quality cross-platform apps". 

You can read the press release announcing the shortlist here.   

For a full list of top hybrid app developers, you can check out this directory of vetted companies.