UPDIVISION joins the Amplifyre tech companies hub


March 16th, 2022, posted in news
by Adelina

Here, at UPDIVISION, we love to find new ways to reach potential customers. So today, we’re glad to announce that we’re now part of the Amplifyre hub: a platform hosting tech companies around the world, to help business owners find their matching technical partner.


Using a complex, data-driven matching system, Amplifyre helps businesses in need of technical solutions find exactly what they’re looking for. Business owners give a series of requirements, while Amplifyre finds their best match among the tech companies that joined the hub. So with all of this, we hope to have better chances at finding businesses looking for the technical help that we offer - and begin new partnerships.


To hear more about the technical solutions we can offer you, contact us and let’s see what we can create together.

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