Your company values make or break your success


May 15th, 2020, posted in for_founders, our_people
by Iulia

An important part of building a brand and achieving business success is by paying attention to your company values. Although this is rarely a topic you’ll see discussed in depth in the marketing classes. Values are not a soulless corporate thing, or it shouldn’t be.


I am happy to share with you UPDIVISION’s values. They keep us going in the right direction and we get back to them whenever we’re in doubt.




Core values:

1. Purpose;

2. Open-mindedness;

3. Helpfulness;


And, the most important of all:

5. Fairness.


Work values:

1. Professionalism;

2. Being in sync with new tech;

3. Agility;

4. Speed.


Our strong belief is that all of the above values mixed together result in the most important thing in our day to day job: Happiness.




Let me explain why these values are not just pretty words in a corporate brochure and how they help us in our everyday work life:

Values can fuel habits that grow careers


We want to know what drives us and how we can help each other achieve happiness at work. That’s why, all our work values (professionalism, agility, speed and being in sync with new tech) are a roadmap for career advancement. And we do this continuously as work habits (for example we do code reviews at pull requests a few times per week). A true professional will be happy to learn new things, will be enthusiastic about new technology and ready to bring forward all his/her knowledge in order to achieve the expected results. Or to outpass them. 


Like-minded people do great things together


We want our colleagues to be fair, friendly, open-minded and fun to work with. Great ideas come up when brainstorming with people with a desire of making something great. Being fair with others and with oneself makes us sure that everybody has the right tasks and the right amount of work to keep them happy. 




The greatest recruiting criteria


We like to brag about hiring for attitude:) Our values, after all, are about attitude. We always think when interviewing a candidate about his or her fit to the team. It is not only about competencies, as there are a lot of great professionals out there - the attitude is what makes a difference. A candidate in search of purpose and with a desire to learn more will always make a greater impact for our clients. A teammate who is ready to help others is someone we are always looking for.


If everybody believes in the same things, you’ll make a lot of clients happy


And this is one of the most important things. Making clients happy is the reason our company exists. What’s more, a happy client will spread the word about you and will return to get even more of your awesome services. Sharing the same values help us be one homogenous team. And this is something that applies to our customers, too.


Brand communication and marketing is super-easy when your company has one voice


In marketing consistency is key. So if all your people act guided by the same values, the message you’ll send to your clients will be consistent and powerful. 


We hope this article will remind you of the importance of your company values, so they are at the forefront of everything you do and not an afterthought. Stay tuned for more details about our values and how we live them.



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