Junior Content Creator (words & user experiences)

We’re always looking for unique talent. But do you really have what it takes to be part of our team? Show us.

Get paid at UPDIVISION to learn how to be a techy Content Creator in 4 easy steps.


Step 1. See if you can tick all these boxes: 

  • You want your first real job. And it needs to be something that can turn into a career;
  • Your power is writing. You like love writing and you want to make a living out of it;
  • Your secret power is visual flair. You know why a website or app looks bad and how to fix it;
  • You really, really want to learn how to be a great profesional. A legend, like Leon;
  • You are a bit of a tech/internet/social media nerd (ssshh we won’t tell anyone);
  • You are funny:)


Step 2. Tell us in a headline and 200 words why you are the one. Attach your CV while you’re at it.


Step 3. If you got our attention, we will assign a bit of homework. So you can prove you’re not just talk.


Step 4. Have a chat with us, meet the team, eat pizza and stay for a one-day work session. Virtual or in-person, as the mighty Covid allows, this day will happen. Anyhow, we promise this step will be an awesome experience.


If you get all these four steps right, congratulations. You are hired. 


And this is what you will learn and do at UPDIVISION:

  • Get involved into the marketing and advertising strategy planning for UPDIVISION;
  • Write SEO content to promote our products and services (it’s all about latest software technology and products): blog articles, landing pages, websites, presentations and more;
  • Write for our social media accounts;
  • Design web and mobile app screens using existing UI Kits;
  • Imagine and design the best user experience flows, based on customer feedback;
  • Learn the copywriting skills from a veteran copywriter;
  • Learn the user experience design skills from a veteran ux designer.


Why you should work at UPDIVISION:  

  • The salary will match your experience and skills; 
  • We created a fun and flexible working environment (no absurd rules here), complete with super cool colleagues and nutritious snacks;
  • Ultra flexible working program, including work from home when needed;
  • You will have the opportunity to work with some of the most intelligent people on 4 continents, trying to change the world;
  • Our office is in the centre of Bucharest (between Universitate and Piata Romana metro stations).


Who we are:

Started in 2010, UPDIVISION is a cool software development company that keeps on growing. We're a diverse team of brilliant programmers and creative makers. Together we take ideas and turn them into mobile and web apps that disrupt entire industries. Not to mention that we work on our own products. We know how to deliver globally (4 continents & 12 countries so far) and we are always at the cutting edge of technology.

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