British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

A better online platform for all the UK businesses that want to succeed on the Romanian market.

Project story

With great new objectives come great new tools. And because the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) wanted to play a larger role in helping UK businesses succeed in the Romanian market, they needed a better online platform.

This is where our challenge started. Their activity is based on event planning and networking, so we created an easy-to-use widget with calendar, advanced search and multiple categories.

An important part of the modern world is to stay updated as you go, therefore we included the News and Blog sections and made sure that the website adapts to tablets and smartphones by giving it a responsive design.

Technologies and architecture

We built the BRCC site on Wordpress and created custom-made widgets and plug-ins for it, such as the event manager and calendar.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, UX design, graphic design, Wordpress programming, rebranding, programming (frontend + backend), testing and deployment.