Cognition Factory Robotic Logistics Automation

A powerful frontend for an AI-powered material & workflow optimization system.

Project story

Factories and warehouses lose billions in downtime costs. Cognition Factory`s AI-based solution helps solve these logistics challenges, from real-time identification of machine parts to workstation task optimization. To this end, we provided the initial design and frontend development for Cognition Factory`s dashboards and AI vision search and recognition tool. 

The application features thousands of technical drawings and assembly lines schemas, so a clean UI with good readability was crucial. They also wanted the user to easily customize how they view technical documentation. So we designed and coded a modular dashboard system, where users can add or remove widgets and save visualizations. Users can identify machine parts through the AI-powered search and they can navigate between various hierarchy levels. This includes a graphical navigation and search, where users can click through factory blueprints to go up or down the hierarchy tree.

Technologies and architecture

Vue2, Nuxt2, AgGrid, GraphQL, Docker

Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX design, frontend development, testing