Doctor France Platform

Medical services from France to the world. Now with an easy to use platform that lets you find doctors faster than before.

Project story

To promote medical tourism in France, the company Médicale Compagnie SAS needed a platform that would provide doctor information and ease the access to medical services. And we built it for them.

The platform connects people from outside of France that need medical care to the doctors and clinics offering their services to patients from abroad.

It supports the management of medical activities and makes it easier for the persons staying temporarily in France to receive medical help. And because you can never predict when you might need a doctor, the platform is available on all devices in a variety of languages.

Technologies and architecture

Doctor France is built on the Laravel framework, using PHP on the backend, along with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript on the frontend. We made it responsive, so it would work on any mobile device.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project management, Programming (frontend + backend), testing, deployment.