Golf Fittings Through AI

A revolutionary system that makes golf club fitting seem like something you see in movies.

Project story

Did you think it couldn’t get more specific than this? This company’s AI fitting system is here to get you the most suitable golf clubs for your strength, height and swing. Through this system, powered by optical motion tracking, customers can find their ideal iron shaft, club head, or grip. All they need to do is schedule a fitting and playing golf will feel even more natural.


We developed the frontend for multiple types of users. Administrators, club builders and resellers can create an account, manage their profiles, add golf courses, create golfer profiles, manage details about golf club resellers, check fitting results, manage orders, and more. Meanwhile, golfers can create an account, have fittings and check their results and orders.

Technologies and architecture

We built the frontend of the app using the Nuxt framework, Vuetify, Vue.js, HTML5, and CSS3.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, user experience design, programming (front-end), testing and deployment.