ImageEngine Content Delivery Network

A smart image CDN which automatically detects device parameters and optimizes images with minimum quality loss.

Project story

As part of their growth strategy, ImageEngine decided to undergo a UI/UX redesign of their admin interface in order to improve usability both for partners and end consumers. Hotjar reports and behavior analytics revealed several pain points, especially related to onboarding new users and app navigation. With this goal in mind, they hired us to improve the user experience, redesign key screens and code the new frontend using Vue3.

ImageEngine clients can have multiple subscriptions, each subscription with multiple engines and origins. In comparison, ImageEngine partners can have their own subscriptions with engines and origins, as well as multiple clients, each with their own subscriptions, engines and origins. The redesign work made this entire hierarchy clearer and easier to navigate. We also redesigned other important sections of the app such as payment and billing and the engine page and settings. We made it easier for users to create an account and set up their engine for the first time. After design, we coded the improved frontend using Vue3, Pinia and Typescript.

Technologies and architecture

Figma, Vue3, Pinia, Typescript  

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning & management, UI/UX design, frontend development