LaunchClub Community-Driven Marketing

A user-driven new design for a community-driven marketing platform.

Project story

Do you have the product, but not the hype? LaunchClub can help by leveraging the marketing power of a like-minded community. You complete tasks to promote LaunchClub members' products and earn credits. You then spend these credits to earn visibility for your own product and receive a social profile boost from the other members.  

We fitted LaunchClub with an entirely new UI and custom components, complete with a dark theme to go with their branding. We also improved key flows related to task management, allowing users to easily review the credits they need to create and launch tasks. We redesigned the dashboard to include important information at a glance, like credit balance, available tasks users can do and interactions they earned for each platform (LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit etc.) To encourage gamification, we included a leaderboard and a growth hacks page, where users can find videos on insider tips and social media growth hacks. 

Technologies and architecture


Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX Design