New Syncro Shop Manager

A Backpack for Laravel-based online stores manager. Keeps track of multiple stores in just one, sleek platform.

Project story

New Syncro is an ecommerce management platform. It allows companies that own multiple different stores to manage all of them at once. And to help them do it well, we built it using Backpack for Laravel. This ensures its backend is well equipped with all the CRUD-like actions it needs.


With this platform, managing multiple stores isn’t a hassle. Users can view, edit or add products, check their inventory status, set store opening and closing hours, set promotions, tinker with SEO settings, or add technical information to each store. There are also multiple types of users, so that the most control is in the right hands.

Technologies and architecture

We used PHP, Laravel and Backpack for Laravel to build the platform, and Figma to create its design.

Main activities and responsibilities

Backend development, testing, deployment.