Presage PreCheck Community Passport

Make sure everyone around is protected with this COVID-19 tracking system: It monitores people’s health before they go into a public property.

Project story

We’re living in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt: Presage wants to help us slowly and safely return to our regular lives by tracking the health status of people in communities. Think university dorms filled with students or companies that can’t let their employees work from home.


We built a complex system where businesses, universities or organizations can track their members’ symptoms so they can safely enter public spaces, whilst keeping everything private. Business owners can add their members to the dashboard, invite and manage users, hold daily health screenings, keep track of each member’s health evolution, and more.

Technologies and architecture

We built the frontend using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Vue.js.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning, frontend development, testing, deployment.