Sea Intelligence Report Manager

Easily manage maritime reports.

Project story

Sea Intelligence is a platform designed for the efficient acquisition of maritime reports containing ship data. Users can easily purchase detailed reports providing insights into various aspects of vessels, including performance metrics and historical data. This service is tailored to meet diverse informational needs within the maritime industry, offering a straightforward and objective approach to accessing critical data for decision-making purposes.


We helped Sea Intelligence by building them a new dashboard where users can manage their reports, subscriptions, invoices, payments, and press releases, as well as a portal for the app admins who can manage all the content in the app. We assisted them with both design and fullstack development in order to bring their ideal app to life.

Technologies and architecture

Figma, Tailwind, Laravel, Livewire

Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX design, project planning and management, frontend development, backend development, testing, deployment