Smooth Shipping Solutions

Stop worrying about shipping and focus on selling with SmartSend, an app connecting webshops and shipping companies.

Project story

What do you get when a million webshops and a hundred shipping companies cross wires? Chaos and confusion. SmartSend provides intelligent solutions to this problem. If you own a webshop, SmartSend takes care of shipping with just one click. It generates shipping labels, sends customers tracking info, creates multiple shipments, finds the closest agents.

With SmartSend, we created an API-based web service that integrates webshops all over Scandinavia with shipping companies. We developed a bunch of features designed to reduce the time it takes to handle and process orders. We optimized every part of the app to keep things running smoothly regardless of the load on the system. It’s super easy to set up a subscription and you can try it out in demo mode. And it’s compatible with the ecommerce platforms you already have.

Technologies and architecture

We built this app using PHP, Laravel, Backpack and Laravel Spark for the back-end, and HTML, SASS, VueJS for the frontend.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, Programming (frontend, backend), Automated testing, Optimization benchmarks.