STEM-Away your student career

An ecosystem of tools & know-how to help students kickstart their STEM career.

Project story

The ecosystem provides STEM students with all the tools they need to start a successful career in their field. We've built the entire ecosystem from scratch using a microservices-based architecture to make the various services work together.


STEM-Away allows students to build custom resumes through which they can showcase and validate their skills. Resumes are linked to STEM-Away forums, where students can create posts and tag them accordingly. Tagging posts with skill tags creates a dynamic link to the profile, so students can back up their resume with real-life examples. 


STEM-Away also allows students to book and watch webinars and fireside chats with renowned experts in various STEM fields and engage in projects under the supervision of a mentor.

Technologies and architecture

STEM-Away was built using PHP and Laravel for the back-end and HTML, CSS, JavaScript and for the front-end, based on a microservices architecture. The forums were built using Discourse.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, UI design, frontend development, backend development, testing, deployment.