Team Talk Business Intelligence

It's a business intelligence module that contains a Root-Cause Analysis Tool for decision makers in large companies.

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Team Talk Business Intelligence

Project story

We developed Team Talk as a module of Customer Talk. This platform is designed for the decision makers in a company and it features a real-time commenting system.

Also, in order to help prevent issues from reappearing, Team Talk has a Root-Cause Analysis Tool which contains a series of questionnaires about the issue. The answers go into a database that can be accessed later to solve the problem. We also added PDF exports and reports.

Technologies and architecture

Team Talk was built as a module to CustomerTalk and it's based on a LAMP server, uses PHP and MySQL on the backend and HTML5 on the front-end. It is a real-time app, with formatted PDF generation and reports.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning & management, UX design, database design, programming (frontend + backend), testing, deployment.