TestU Training Platform

A user-driven, new UI for a data-driven learning platform.

Project story

TestU provides individuals and organizations with an innovative training solution based on a test/question-based methodology. As the product grew and gathered more user feedback, they decided to undergo a complete UI/UX redesign of their platform. The goal was not only a more appealing look and better usability, but also a way to emphasize their data-driven approach to learning & development.

We helped them redesign and improve key screens and flows, making it easier for users to track their progress visually through charts, leaderboards and metrics. We also included a wall/feed to encourage the social aspect of learning. Here users can see everything related to their activity, important updates and exchange messages with other learners. After completing each test, users can review a breakdown of their performance in that session and across time.

Technologies and architecture


Main activities and responsibilities

Project management and sprint design planning, UI/UX design