Behind the Tech Interview Series. Guilhermo Fragelli - the drive of reaching new heights


January 25th, 2024, posted in for_founders
by Miruna

There are people making waves everyday in the field of technology. Our "Behind the Tech'' series is where we explore the stories of these amazing people. We aim to shed light on their challenges, victories, and invaluable lessons learned. Plus, this is a great way to encourage connections between technology creators and the community.


Join us as we discover the fascinating world behind the tech that shapes our world!


With more than twenty years of experience, Guilhermo Fragelli is a renowned Brazilian IT director and a seasoned leader in the tech industry. He is passionate about innovation and excellence and his career path, which includes working for numerous national and international healthcare organizations while demonstrating his commitment to fostering growth and transformation. 

As a co-author of the European Academy of Senior Management book "Humanitarian Leadership," Guilhermo's dedication to technology and people-centered leadership is clear. 

He is currently the CIO of the União Química Farmacêutica Group, where he uses his technological know-how and visionary leadership to drive his company to new heights. 


Let's have a look at Guilhermo's perspectives, experiences, and creative tactics he uses to advance his company in today's business environment.




1. What inspired you to pursue a career in tech?


Guilhermo: Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to demonstrate and reassemble toys instead of just playing with them. As a teenager, I had the chance to have contact with technology and it enchanted me. I was sure it was what I would do for the rest of my life. 




2. What were the pivotal moments in your career that led you to work in technology leadership?


Guilhermo: After a few years working with technology, I realized that there was a gap between the technical and business worlds, which led to major reworks in projects. At this point, I realized that if I expanded my business training, in addition to management and leadership, I could have a differentiator in the market. I pursued an MBA in project management and opportunities arose.




3. What leadership strategies do you find most effective in driving tech team performance?


Guilhermo: Several factors must be considered, but without a doubt the main ones are developing self-management, creating purpose and uniformity in the team and transmitting confidence so that the team can make its decisions and know how to report when necessary.




4. Is there a project that didn’t go as planned but taught you valuable lessons?


Guilhermo: I can mention a project led by another team that caused a disruption in the company's main database, where I was called in to lead the resolution. In this project, all responsibility was entrusted to a supplier, which did not perform correctly, causing the company to be completely unavailable for at least 4 days.



Guilhermo Fragelli's journey from playing with toys to tech leadership at União Química Farmacêutica Group is proof of his passion for innovation. The way he brought together technical know-how and business skills for driving change highlights the importance of continuous learning. 




We hope you've enjoyed exploring the world of tech leadership as we come to an end of this awesome conversation with Guilhermo. 


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