We launched Soft UI Dashboard PRO Laravel. The lean, mean, Laravel app-building machine


August 6th, 2021, posted in news
by Saiona

There`s a time for writing basic CRUDs from scratch or pixel crafting your own UI components. Luckily, with Soft UI Dashboard PRO Laravel that time is never. Together with Creative Tim, we launched this full stack solution for building Laravel apps 10x times faster. Consider it the blueprint for your next app, complete with Bootstrap 5 UI components, a fully-integrated Laravel backend and Livewire and Alpine.js integrations.    

Here's how you can save time both for backend and frontend tasks using Soft UI Dashboard PRO Laravel.


Amazing UI out of the box

The look and feel is inspired by one of the biggest design trends right now, Soft UI. This guarantees your app will look amazing regardless of what you are building. This is because Soft UI relies heavily on:

  • gradients - they are soft on the eye, but also work great for grabbing your users` attention. They give a high-end look to your UI and they are in full trend right now.
  • 3D interactive elements - they make your app more dynamic and engaging for your users
  • glassmorphism - transparent and blurred backgrounds are all the rage, a design trend used by companies such as Microsoft and Apple.




Customizable UI components & design blocks

Soft UI Dashboard PRO Laravel comes with all the building blocks for your UI, from individual components to entire prebuilt design blocks. This includes over 300 handcrafted UI components you can easily customize using SASS files and classes. What's more, you can assemble the pre-built design blocks as modules to create unique pages.     


Plugins for added functionality

You can extend functionalities as needed through the 14 integrated plugins, such as Kanban, Sweet Alerts, Wizard, Fullcalendar and many more.


Example pages to kick off your project

Whether you want to get a sense of what you can build or you need to quickly set up the basic structure for your web project, 54 example pages are there to help. 




The CRUD backbone of any app, out of the box 

Soft UI Dashboard PRO Laravel comes with ready-made basic CRUDs that any app uses. This means you can easily tick all the boxes for a fully-functional admin panel for your custom application with: 


  • Role-based authentication
  • User profile
  • User management
  • Role management
  • Item management
  • Category and tag management



Livewire & Alpine.js integration

Everything is enhanced by Liveweire and Alpins.js, so you have all the full stack resources you need to build upon. The Livewire integration allows you to build dynamic interfaces easier without leaving the comfort of your favourite framework. If you combine this even further with Alpine.js, you get the perfect combo for kickstarting your next project.  


The full stack solution to your app problem

Soft UI Dashboard PRO Laravel can be easily customized to build a variety of apps. Below are three types of apps you can start building right away.  


Lightweight e-commerce - easily add products, create categories to organize products, add tags, customize item management to save prices or add additional custom fields 


Lightweight CMS - manage content by creating categories and tags. Create, view and update items and decide who has access to various types of content based on roles.


Blog - add articles and tags to find articles easier, create categories for organizing blog articles and easily manage your blog users.


Do you want to test it out for yourself? Check out the free demo with limited features to see what Soft UI Dashboard PRO Laravel is all about.  


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