StaffTalk Employee Mood

The staff-engaging app that helps you build a better working environment and motivate your employees.

Project story

To create a better corporate culture and motivate employees, we built StaffTalk. This mobile app allows workers to anonymously make suggestions, nominate colleagues to get recognition or even give feedback about their time spent at the office.

They key word is implication. Using these three functions, the workers will become more involved in the life of the company.

Technologies and architecture

We programmed the API and database on a LAMP server and used Laravel framework for the backend as well as for the admin interface through which one can see the statistics and manage the application's settings. StaffTalk was built on Titanium with the help of native code for Android and iOS development.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, user experience design, graphic design, database design, programming (backend + frontend), testing, deployment.