StonePay Business Reputation Rating

A rock-solid way for businesses to assess each other`s level of commercial trust.

Project story

How do you know if a potential business partner is trustworthy? You could look at third-party data from banks and external institutions. Or you could choose the most telling way: their business behavior. StonePay converts each confirmed payment into reputation points, which add up to a company's reputation score.

We worked with StonePay to design a comprehensive dashboard, where users can access key information in one place: the company's overall reputation, latest transactions, payments activity history, reputation reports and a directory of people and companies. We also designed separate pages for more in-depth info on sent and received payment requests, reputation and contacts. Users can easily track worst and top payers, fully paid, overdue and pending transactions and the full history of a transaction, including exchanged messages and company-wide chats.

Technologies and architecture


Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX design