TFS Drilling Technical & Business Intelligence Software

An advanced tool for aggregating and reporting technical data for the oil & gas drilling industry.

Project story

The Fluids Specialists (TFS) aim to provide a complete range of technical and business management services, including business intelligence and data management software, which covers all stages of a drilling project`s lifecycle. To this end, they needed a way to aggregate, visualize and analyze technical data from key parts of their clients` drilling operations. So, they hired us to  build a cloud tool using Laravel, which helps both their employees and their clients to manage and analyze data generated through the drilling and waste management process.

The application needed to be scalable and to manage large amounts of data coming from their database. We designed and built the platform, incorporating all the analysis tools they needed: a well selection module with individual dashboards for each well and daily stats, a multiwell comparison module, as well as a way to view attachments, technical documents and lab results.

Technologies and architecture

The main technologies used were: TALL Stack (Laravel, Tailwind, Alpine.js, Livewire), Redis, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PostgreSQL.

Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX design, project planning and management, development, testing, deployment