The ultimate UI/UX guide for decision-makers


November 9th, 2022, posted in for_founders
by Saiona

We could start off this series with some statistics. Like “70% of online businesses fail because of bad UX” or “75% of users judge an app`s credibility based on how it looks”. We could, but we won`t. Because if you`re here, reading this, you probably know how important UI/UX is for your software product and ultimately your business. So, now what? 


We decided to write this guide because we`ve seen this happen a lot in our discovery meetings with founders, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. Being aware of how important UI/UX is does not automatically solve the issue of what to do with this knowledge. So this guide is all about how to approach your UI/UX dilemmas, worries and struggles, based on questions that have come up again and again in our meetings with clients.


And since we didn`t quote statistics, we`ll also start by telling you what this guide is not. This is not a collection of UI design tips & tricks or a series of how-to articles on design tools, UX research methods or the latest design trends. 


You won't become a UI/UX designer reading these articles. But you will find answers to some of your most important business and product questions related to UI/UX. The kind of questions you probably ask yourself a lot as a decision-maker, whether you:


  • are launching a software product
  • are planning a complete UI/UX makeover of your software product
  • are trying to attract users or investors through better UI/UX
  • are looking to outsource your UI/UX efforts    


Among the thousands of articles on white space, typography, layout or the ideal button size, we feel this series is a much needed dive into the other side of UI/UX. A side we have been navigating together with our clients for over a decade, as we`ve seen UI/UX best practices emerge, grow and eventually become one of the main predictors of an app`s success or failure. In an increasingly crowded market, where apps are powered by increasingly powerful technologies, UI/UX remains one of the main differentiators. Something that stays with your users long after they logged out of your app. So let's get it right! 


We will link each new article here, as we publish them, so you can easily browse the entire series. Here are some of the topics we are going to cover:     



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